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Flip It

Are you experiencing emotional turmoil? Is there a person or situation in your life preoccupying your mind to the point of distraction? Is there a very real fear or concern overshadowing your peace? Is some hurt you are feeling leading you to ruminate? Are you experiencing anger towards someone or something but can’t seem to express it, process it or get past it? More often than I’d like to admit, I can find myself spiralling into emotional turmoil. And when I am experiencing that level of emotional pain, it can be so hard  to turn my focus elsewhere. It can be so hard  to see any shred of good where I am feeling and seeing only pain and angst. It feels so painfully real  and I can find plenty of evidence  to support my doubts, my anger, my loneliness, my worries, my fears, my beliefs. Perhaps this is a familiar dynamic for you, too? But what if we have more control than we may think over the unnecessary upheaval we find ourselves in? What if I told you that one simple exercise can sta