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About Me

I’m a Catholic woman, wife & home-schooling mother. I live in the West of Ireland with my husband of 9 years and our four children.

I have struggled with perfectionism, emotional regulation, feeling resentment towards my duties and obligations, people pleasing, feeling overburdened and overly responsible for others, an inability to rest and relax, feelings of guilt or shame in caring for myself, occasionally feeling unfulfilled in my role as a mother even though I feel it is my true vocation, feeling disconnected in many of my relationships, food addiction, as well as post-natal depression. 

Our purpose is to know, love & serve God. He desires our happiness now and for all eternity. There are many things that can distract us from our purpose or get in the way of our internal peace, including our inherited misunderstandings - whether we are aware of these or not. 

I have learned, with the grace of God, to navigate these struggles and to let go of what was holding me back. If you’d like to learn more about how I have changed my life to experience more consistent joy, peace and contentment, I hope my writings may help you do that. I’m sharing my experiences and imperfect progress in the hope that others may find solace in knowing they are not alone with the challenges the vocation of motherhood presents today. And that many of the solutions lie within our control.

It is my desire that you find help in what I share and can adapt what I have done in order to suit your own life and circumstances. You are the expert in your life. You have the power, with God’s help, to change it for the better. It is my desire - and God’s - that you can thrive and be joyful in this life and enjoy eternal bliss forever in the next.

May God be your ever-present guide. Take care of you and Let Truth Bloom.


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Vision Board

What do you want? A simple question, perhaps… but not one that may be all that easy to answer. Do you know what you want? I am not asking if you know how to go about getting what you want; but rather if you know what it is your heart desires? It is very easy for me to have a fleeting idea of what I may want and then quickly depart to “but we don’t have the time for that now” or “but that is far too expensive” or “we have small kids so that’s just not a possibility for us” or “with work and family commitments that isn’t doable” or hundreds of other logical reasons as to why my desire cannot be fulfilled.  And that is where I used to stop. Allowing my desires to be limited by the bounds of my own imagination. Quenching those desires before they had a chance to see the light of day. There was also a deeply ingrained perception I seemed to have that it was selfish to have desires. It took a lot of practice to get in touch with what I truly want. Honestly, it still takes effort. Even when

What We Focus On Increases

What is good and right in your life?  When we are feeling overwhelmed, overburdened and that life is hard, it can feel too much to even try to find things to be grateful for. It can feel like yet another thing we’re failing at. We  know  we have much to be grateful for and feeling low, depressed, overwhelmed or not able to cope when we, logically speaking, have so much to be grateful for can add to the guilt we already feel. Particularly as perfectionists, it can be easy to focus on the 2% we have not achieved. On the flaws. On the problems. On what is not working, not done, not good. On the issues we are facing with our spouse. On the worries we have for our children. On the frustrations we have with others in our lives.  When our focus is on these things, it can become all we see.  Think just for a moment about when you learn you are pregnant, or when desiring to have a baby. Suddenly you begin to see pregnant women and babies everywhere! It is because your mind is focused there. Wha

Self-Care: Isn’t That Selfish?

Are you responsible for taking care of others? Do you usually put other people’s needs ahead of your own? Do you feel selfish when you have needs or desires of your own? Do you feel like taking time for YOU is wrong? Have you learned that the right thing to do, the Catholic thing to do, is to deny your needs in favour of the desires of others? Are you wondering why continuously doing so is leaving you feeling drained, unfulfilled and resentful? As mothers, we see very quickly how the neglect of a need in our children develops swiftly into meltdown: an emotional outburst, overwhelm, anger, drama, tears. Yet we expect that, because we are adults, the consistent suppression of our own needs will have no such consequence.  Why is it that we consider the presence of our  own  needs as wrong or bothersome? And the taking care of those needs as unnecessary or redundant? Do we think we are exempt from being human? Are we expecting ourselves to be super-human? I don’t know about you, but withou