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What We Focus On Increases

What is good and right in your life?  When we are feeling overwhelmed, overburdened and that life is hard, it can feel too much to even try to find things to be grateful for. It can feel like yet another thing we’re failing at. We  know  we have much to be grateful for and feeling low, depressed, overwhelmed or not able to cope when we, logically speaking, have so much to be grateful for can add to the guilt we already feel. Particularly as perfectionists, it can be easy to focus on the 2% we have not achieved. On the flaws. On the problems. On what is not working, not done, not good. On the issues we are facing with our spouse. On the worries we have for our children. On the frustrations we have with others in our lives.  When our focus is on these things, it can become all we see.  Think just for a moment about when you learn you are pregnant, or when desiring to have a baby. Suddenly you begin to see pregnant women and babies everywhere! It is because your mind is focused there. Wha

Postnatal Depression

I met my husband in February 2013, married in October 2014 and became pregnant in February 2015. My dreams had come true! It was such an exciting time. Planning, preparing, dreaming, imagining. My mind was as pregnant with expectations as my body was with our first child.  The often shared stories of the joy of childbirth that practically every woman of a certain age shared with me made me even more certain of the joyful, almost glorious experience that lay ahead. It was going to be perfect. I was sure I was going to be a great mother. The perfect mother! This was what I was created to do. It was my purpose. Fast forward to November 2015 as I nervously and excitedly awaited the arrival of my firstborn. I was anticipating the overwhelming sensation of love I had heard about as the baby is placed on your chest. My baby. I could hardly contain the love I already felt. Boy or girl…I didn’t know. He or she was mine, ours, already loved. So where did it all go wrong?  Here I was, after givin